Video Presentations by Leading Researchers Who Study the Environmental and Health Impacts of Shale Gas Drilling

“Unconventional Gas Development from Shale: Myths and Realities Related to Human Health Impacts”.
Keynote address by Anthony Ingraffea, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering at Cornell University and hydraulic fracturing
expert, speaking at the Marcellus Shale Exposed, event held March 17, 2012 at Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA.

– Part One – Approximate length is 53 1/2 minutes

-Part Two – Approximate length is 17 1/2 minutes

– Part Three – Approximate length is 22 minutes

This is a 3 part video presentation by Tony Ingraffea, Ph.D. In his presentation, Dr. Ingraffea decimates four myths central to the shale gas industry:

(1) Fracking is a 60-year old, well-proven technology; (2) Fluid Migration from faulty wells is a rare phenomenon; (3) The use of multi-well pads and cluster drilling reduces surface impacts; and (4) Natural Gas is a clean fossil fuel.

The first video deals largely with well integrity, or lack there-of due to inevitable cement failures and human health impacts The second video deals with methane emissions from the shale-gas industry, and the imperative of reducing this powerful greenhouse gas immediately. The third video is the Q and A session with Dr. Ingraffea. He is a co-founder of Physicians, Scientists Engineers for Sustainable and Healthy Energy. His research and modeling of hydraulic fracturing, funded by Schlumberger, have been foundational.

The “Facts of Fracking” presentation by Dr. Tony Ingraffea speaking at the Luzerne Co. Community College in Naticoke, PA in the fall of 2010. The lecture on unconventional natural gas drilling was hosted by The Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition. An excellent overview of drilling and fracking processes. Discussion includes an assessment of the
structural integrity of well casings. Approximate length of video is 1 hr 45 minutes

Tony Ingraffea, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering at Cornell University, Discusses Four Myths of Fracking

Myth #1 – Fracking is a 60 Yr Old Well Proven Technology Approximate length 7 minutes

Myth #2 – Fluid Migration from Faulty Wells is Rare Approximate length 4 minutes

Myth #3 – The Use of Multi-Well Pads and Cluster Drilling Reduces Surface Impacts Approximate length 4 minutes

Myth #4 – Natural Gas is a Clean Fossil Fuel Approximate length 5 minutes

Deborah Rogers: “Economics of Fracking” – “Shale Promises, or Shale Spin? The Economics Behind Fracking”

This is Deborah Rogers’ full talk, given in Binghamton, NY, Jan 19 2012. She is a Member of the Board of Earthworks/OGAP (Oil and Gas Accountability Project). She is also the founder of Energy Policy Forum, a consultancy and educational forum dedicated to policy and financial issues regarding shale gas and renewable energy. Ms. Rogers was appointed as a primary member to the U.S. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (USEITI), an advisory committee within the Department of Interior, in 2013 for a three year term. Ms. Rogers also served on the Advisory Council for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas from 2008-2011. Approximate length of video is 52 minutes

“Impacts of Gas Drilling on Human and Animal Health” Robert Oswald, Ph. D. , Professor of Molecular Medicine at Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine and Michelle Bamberger, MS, DVM, Veterinarian speak about the health problems for animals near gas drilling. Taped on 05-3-12, at Endicott Visitor’s Center in Endicott and sponsored by NYRAD. Approximate length of video: 1 hour, 6 minutes

Wilma Subra: “Human Health, Exposure from the Development of Shale Gas Plays” Wilma Subra, environmental scientist, discusses the human health impacts associated with chemicals and pathways of exposure from shale gas drilling. Presentation on July 10,2012 in Kingston, PA. Wilma Subra graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana, and from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with degrees in microbiology, chemistry and computer sciences. She worked for the Gulf South Research Institute (GSRI), served as vice-chair of the EPA National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology (NACEPT), and is a founding board member of Earthworks Oil and Gas Accountability Project. Approximate length of video: 1 hour, 14 minutes

Vanessa Pesec, President of NEOGAP, discusses the downside of the natural gas industry in light of the Utica & Marcellus shale play. Her presentation deals with how some landowners got more than they bargained for when allowing fracking on their land. Approximate length of video: 42 minutes

Dr. Theo Colburn, President of TEDX (The Endocrine Disruption Exchange) the only organization that focuses primarily on the human health and environmental problems caused by low-dose and/or ambient exposure to chemicals that interfere with development and function, called endocrine disruptors.

“What You Need to Know About Natural Gas “Chemicals in Natural Gas Production” – Dr. Colburn discusses the concerns about chemical exposure associated with gas drilling. Approximate length of video: 48 minutes