Concerns about drinking water contamination ……

“The Entire Oil And Gas Industry Is Watching A Tiny Town In Wyoming”

“Hydraulic Fracturing Can Potentially Contaminate Drinking Water Sources”

Duke University Update: “Well water contamination near fracking operations”

Times Online: “Heavy metals: Study links water contamination to fracking”

“680,000 wells hold waste across US — with unknown risks”

Concerns about human health impacts from fracking chemical exposure…..

— List of people who have alleged cases of health impacts from fracking
List of the Harmed

OSHA -NIOSH Hazard Alert: “Worker Exposure to Silica during Hydraulic Fracturing”

“Photos of Wyalusing, PA School District surrounded by pipeline construction, gas equipment storage,
and silica rail yard.”

“Fracking Concerns Turn To Worker Health Hazards And Potential Silica Exposure”

“Gas Patch Roulette: How Shale Gas Development Risks Public Health in PA”

“Doctors fight “gag orders” over fracking chemicals”

“Medical And Scientific Experts Urge Halting Fracking Rush Until Medical Unknowns Are Better Understood”

“Pennsylvania farmers blame fracking for illness,rashes”

Air quality issues, silica dust exposures, compressor stations, and gas well venting

“Study shows air emissions near fracking sites may pose health risk”

“Fracking Concerns Turn To Worker Health Hazards And Potential Silica Exposure”

OSHA -NIOSH Hazard Alert: “Worker Exposure to Silica during Hydraulic Fracturing”

Can fracking cause earthquakes?

“Studies Link Earthquakes to Wastewater from Fracking”

“Dallas Earthquakes Caused By Fracking, Expert Says”

“Temblor registers 7,500 feet below D&L Energy, Inc. Site”

“Scientific American: Ohio Earthquake Likely Caused by Fracking Wastewater”

“How Oil and Gas Disposal Wells Can Cause Earthquakes”

“Fracking is transforming our energy economy–but it’s also causing earthquakes”

Livestock illness and death reported near fracking sites……

Center for Investigative Reporting: “Livestock Falling Ill in Fracking Regions” NEWLY ADDED ! and also at this link

“Fracking’s Toll on Pets, Livestock, Chills Farmers” also see peer reviewed published report “Impacts of Gas Drilling on Public Health” by Michelle Bamberger, DVM, and Cornell Professor Robert Oswald

“Fracking our Food Supply”

“Western PA Cows in Trouble Too”
Western PA Cows in Trouble, Too

Farm and Dairy: “Cornell study links fracking fluid with illness in livestock; other side says no”

“We May Now Know What Killed Cows in Cado Parish”

“Livestock Falling Ill in Fracking Regions, Raising Concern About Food” Newly Added !

PA Cattle Farmers, still born calves and cattle deaths reported by farmers, Terry Greenwood and Carol Johnson. and also:

Dead Calves and Silences: Quarantined Cows Gave Birth to Stillborn Calves

Are landowners’ property values, homeowners’ insurance, and mortgages impacted by drilling? ……….

“Impact on Property Values, Mortgages, Insurance”
Impact on Property Values, Mortgages, Insurance

“Couple denied mortgage because of gas drilling”

“Fracked Mortgages”

“Homeowners and Gas Drilling Leases: Boom or Bust?”

Energy Bulletin: “How the fracking mess is about to make the mortgage mess worse”

“Natural Gas Drilling Could Affect Mortgages”

Natural Gas Drilling Could Affect Mortgages

“New York mortgage bankers denying mortgage applications with oil and gas leases”

“Bankers in Pa. assess impact of natural gas”

“Rush to Drill for Natural Gas Creates Conflicts With Mortgages”

CNBC: “Major Insurer Says It Won’t Cover Fracking”

“Nationwide statement regarding concerns about hydraulic fracturing”

“Does Natural Gas Leasing Hurt Property Values?”
“Mortgage Lenders Are Becoming Increasingly Concerned With Gas and Oil Leases Associated With
Hydraulic Fracturing”

Is radiation a hazardous risk associated with shale gas drilling? …… NEWLY ADDED!

“Radon from Natural Gas in Marcellus Shale” by Marvin Resnikoff, Ph.D.

“Consideration of Radiation in Hazardous Waste Produced from Horizontal Hydrofracking” by E. Ivan White, Staff Scientist for National Council of Radiation Protection

“Fracking Wastewater Can Be Highly Radioactive” 1st in a four part series appearing in

“So Who is in Charge of Fracking Wastewater Anyway?” 2nd in a four part series in

“Isn’t this Wastewater Naturally Occuring?” 3rd in a four part series in

“Fracking Taps a Mile Deep Danger” 4th in a four part series in

“Natural Gas is Dirtier than Coal, Redux: Radioactive Dust”

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What are some of the chemicals used in fracking fluids? …..

Injection wells…what they are and why they pose an environmental risk….

Worker Safety Issues

Road conditions and road safety issues due to increased drilling related traffic