General Information About Fracking Technology & Drilling Processes
–Comprehensive article that explains the process of hydraulic fracturing
WV Rivers Coalition – Marcellus Shale Info Page – Gives overview of the fracking process of shale gas drilling, maps of the Marcellus shale region, and an overview of some of the environmental concerns associated with fracking.
Oil and Gas Accountability Project – “Fracking 101” general overview of the fracking process
Website of concerned citizens educating the public that this “high volume slick water” horizontal fracking technology is not the same fracking as the industry has claimed has been safely used for 60 years. The fracking processes used when drilling conventional, shallow, vertical wells of the past, are clearly not the same process being used today in Marcellus shale drilling. The chemicals and technologies being used now to frack these deep horizontally-drilled wells in the shale gas regions of the country suggest greater risks and adverse impacts to health and environment.
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